Endure Agri Solutions (EAS) commenced trading in October 2014, after purchasing the assets and Intellectual Property of SustainAg Australia. SustainAg Australia commenced trading in November 2011, however the company had its roots in agriculture many years before that through the retail machinery dealership, Namoi Valley Implements (NVI) in Narrabri, a business that was in operation for over thirty years.

Precision Agriculture for Australian Farmers

We intend to leverage the deep knowledge and history of trading in the North West region of NSW by engagement with the current and future owners of the acquired Bio-Drill and Moisture ManagerTM planters.

We have entered into a number of key relationships with suppliers, to ensure world class service levels for both in field technical support and manufacture of new planters.

We have an established client base of several Moisture ManagerTM Planters and related products, represented in every state of Australia. Our planters are manufactured in regional NSW and are sold across Australia.

Along with our partners, we will continue to upgrade the Moisture ManagerTM planter and its precision agriculture products. New and improved farming techniques are being trialled to ascertain suitability to varying soils and agronomic approaches.