December 2015 – Case Study 2 – WA – “Moisture is the Key”

Case Study 2 has produced some outstanding results at harvest 2015. This case study did a comparison of the inverted T Boot versus a narrow hoe, both installed on the Moisture Manager Bar. Initially we saw better germination rates and at mid season we were able to measure the number of strong stems. At harvest, we measured 19 strong stems from the inverted T Boot, to 11 strong stems and 3 weak stems from the narrow hoe. We also measured 4-5 grains per cluster from the inverted T Boot and 3-4 grains per cluster for the narrow hoe. This resulted in a calculated 74% increase in yield. Read about it in more detail here:

EAS Case Study – Moisture is the key 2015

December 2015 – Case Study 1 – WA – “Over the Fence… the Final Chapter”

Case Study 1 has produced some amazing results at harvest. We have tracked the differences between the paddock planted with a Moisture Manager on our clients farm in Mukinbudin, and their neighbour (literally over the fence) who planted his paddock with a competitor bar. The Moisture Manager paddock yielded 2.21 t/ha, with the competitor bar yielding 1.41 t/ha. Read all about it at the following link:

EAS Case Study – Moisture Manager Out Performs 2015


August 2015 – Case Study 1 – WA – “Over the Fence…. the next Chapter”

Case Study 1 looked at the initial difference between the Moisture Manager and a competitor bar planting wheat within 12 hours of each on neighbouring paddocks. Here we look at the mid season view of the increased germination and emergence – check out the link:

endureagcasestudy- over the fence the next chapter Aug 2015


August 2015: Case Study 2 – WA – “Moisture is the Key”

The mid season results of the “Moisture is the Key….” case study, shows some interesting results with regard to germination and emergence.

Check it out at the link below:

Moisture Manager- Moisture is the key…..mid-season results Aug 2015



August 2015: Dr John Baker Presentation at AgQuip

Dr Baker kindly presented a paper at AgQuip titled, Towards fail-safe no-tillage. A copy is at the link below

Gunnedah -Towards fail-safe no-tillage 180815 (with EAS logo)


June 2015: Case Study 2 – WA – “Moisture is the Key”

Adding to the case study being carried out in Mukinbudin, WA, we have performed a study on the moisture retention in the soil 90 minutes after pulling the Moisture Manager point through the paddock versus a competitor’s point. Check out the difference – its no wonder the Moisture Manager is producing higher germination rates!!

Endureag Moisture Manager Case Study- moisture is the key May 2015


June 2015: Case Study 1 – WA – “Over the Fence”

Following our recent trip to WA, a case study is beginning to be built around the Moisture Manager’s results versus a competitor planter used on the farm next door. Have a look at the difference 32 days after planting.

endureag case study over the fence_32 days