Moisture ManagerTM Planters

Moisture Manager

The patented Moisture ManagerTM planters lead the world in design and application. Endure Agri Solutions has an exclusive, perpetual license agreement to distribute this technology for Australia and New Zealand.

After years of extensive research and development in association with leading agronomic groups, the Moisture ManagerTM is the first truly flexible parallelogram planter design.

The Moisture ManagerTM is the first of its type to incorporate both a large travel hydraulic parallelogram and a separate hydraulic stump-jump.

The planter can be used as either a disc or tyne machine (i.e. used for traditional or conservation cultivation), and is adaptable to all soil types and conditions.  It can seed crops ranging from the finest lucerne to the larger chick pea, at depths from a shallow 12mm to a moisture seeking 200mm.

The Moisture ManagerTM Opener has an independent hydraulically operated press wheel that allows for very small press wheel pressure adjustments to be made direct from the tractor cab. This represents a significant competitive advantage over spring-operated press wheels that are not able to accommodate the small adjustments required by changes in plant varieties, planting depth and soil type (thereby ensuring maximum seed germination).

The Moisture ManagerTM Opener can be fitted to toolbars ranging in width from 6m to 24m. The flexibility of the toolbar, independent press wheel and gauge/depth wheel gives the Moisture ManagerTM Opener a unique versatility, allowing it to operate in a wide range of soil conditions and land terrains, thereby ensuring it enjoys the widest possible potential sales market.

Placed on a single toolbar (or trailing device) behind a tractor, the Moisture ManagerTM tillage and seeding system allows users to make a seamless transition between traditional cultivation, low-tillage and no-tillage approaches complemented by on-board placement of seeding and fertiliser applicators. The combination of seed boot, integrated press wheel, auto down force and straight-drop body is technically innovative and unique.

The Moisture ManagerTM, coupled with ‘smart’ technology (GPS systems, hydraulic vacuum seeders, and appropriate farm management software) will provide forward-looking growers with a truly intelligent planting and moisture management system that increases yields, reduces waste, improves soil quality, lowers the costs of production and provides a solid platform for sustainable farming.

Bio Drill Series

Bio-DrillThe Bio Drill was specifically developed to handle wet, black, sticky soil conditions in minimum and zero-till applications. A complete machine, it also comprises an air seeder and is vacuum box compatible. It can simultaneously apply liquid, solid or gas fertilisers.

The machine is highly efficient and possesses significant competitive advantage over its rivals. Specifically, the Opener can be used as either a disc or tyne planter unit and can be fitted with the optional vacuum seeding system for precision summer crop planting.