May 2015: In the Press – WA

During our recent trip to WA, the Farm Weekly did a series of articles on the Moisture Manager in WA. Click on the links below to read the articles.

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February 2015: Endure Agri Solutions appoints hydraulic services partner  – New England Hydraulics 

Bernie Harper, of New England Hydraulics (NEH) has been an integral design partner in the development of the Moisture Manager electro/hydraulic system. The appointment of NEH as hydraulic services partner ensures continuity of knowledge related to the design and installation of new systems as well as the ongoing maintenance of existing systems in the field.

February 2015: Endure Agri Solutions appoints manufacturing partner – Chernco Engineering

Key to the ongoing success of the Moisture Manager in Australia is the ability to manufacture, assemble and test new machines at competitive rates and short lead times. Chernco Engineering, based in Cowra, have been appointed manufacturing partner. Through Chernco Engineering and Trang Imagineering, additional manufacturing services can be sourced at short notice. Project stock is stored at Chernco Engineering and can be distributed at short notice in response to demand.

December 2014: Endure Agri Solutions appoints regional spares distributor – ITC Agriculture

In response to client feedback and the need to provide responsive spares service, we have appointed ITC Agriculture as our regional spares distributor for the northern region.
ITC Agriculture supplies wear parts and hard facing services to the agricultural industry.
ITC Agriculture services a large portion of central and northern NSW and Queensland, with plans to expand its reach further in the future.
Ben Finnigan is responsible for ITC Agriculture business development and sales, and is the contact for our range of spares.


November 2014: Endure Agri Solutions appoints technology partner – Trang Imagineering

Trang Imagineering has provided design services related to frame design in the past, which provides continuity of services and knowledge. Trang Inagineering’s focus in the short term is frame design, with the first project being to redesign the 12 metre frame to improve the fatigue life.


Customer engagement: Endure Agri Solutions conducts ‘meet the farmer road trips’ 

We value the knowledge and skills of our user group and wish to facilitate the development of a broad knowledge bank that includes practical experience and feedback from this experienced user group. This information will be shared freely between those who participate in our user forums and it is intended that this strategy will develop strong relationships within the ‘Moisture Manager Community’.

To demonstrate our commitment to customer support and engagement, we conducted telephone discussions with every equipment owner we could contact and completed two extensive road trips during November and December 2014. The objective of this initiative was to meet face to face with as many equipment owners as possible to discuss our vision for the business and listen to their suggestions regarding equipment improvements. We met face to face with over 20 farmers during this initiative and obtained valuable feedback. We also took the opportunity to introduce equipment owners to our strategic partners.

The feedback has provided us with valuable insights into the business’s history and provided a clear picture as to the way forward in the short term. In addition to a number of design improvement suggestions, four key requirements from our customers’ perspective came through. We have addressed these as follows:

  1. Capability to service spares requirements:

    Appointment of ITC Agriculture and the establishment of spares stock in Narrabri.

  2. Capability to provide technical service, especially hydraulic services:

    Appointment of New England Hydraulics as Hydraulics partner.

  3. Capability to manufacture the Moisture Manager:

    Appointment of Trang Imagineering as Technical Partner and Chernco Engineering as Manufacturing Partner.

  4. Establish regular user forums:

    a.  November 2014 at Mullaley, NSW: Theme – Hydraulic System Operation.

    This forum was hosted by William Adams on his farm “Lambrook”.

    b. December 2014 in Narrabri, NSW: Theme – Optimising the performance of the Moisture Manager and Bio Drill.

    This forum was hosted by EAS at the Crossings Theatre in Narrabri.

    c. February 2015 in Gurley, NSW: Theme – Practical demonstration of the Moisture Manager operating.

    This forum was hosted by Peter Taylor at his farm “Glen Eden” near Gurley.

    4c-customer-engagement 4c-2-customer-engagement 4c-3-customer-engagement

    d. May 2015 Western Australia:

    A field day is planned and will be hosted by an equipment owner in WA.

    e. Agquip 2015

    Specific themes related to sustainable farming, no-till and minimum-till farming practices will be presented to invited guests. We will use this opportunity to showcase new and improved designs and engage more fully with current clients and new prospects.

  5. Establish an on-line user forum

We have committed to the establishment of an online forum for equipment users. An online user forum has been incorporated in the new website design functionality. Equipment owners are invited to join the forum.